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Roulette Strategy

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Unfortunately there is no such thing as Roulette strategy as per se. There is no way to lower the house edge in Roulette as every spin is an independent event of chance where the odds favour the casino. Never the less, this games remains a favourite for the casino punter for it's simplicity.

Needless to say but never play on the American version, only play on the European version (since it only features one zero (which give the house it's edge of 2.7%). As opposed to the American version which has two zeros (5.26% advantage). Ideally find a casino which offers French Roulette as this variant has an even lower house edge of 1.35%.

Roulette systems

The various Roulette systems in use are mainly money management systems, these tend to come into play when you are out of pocket and are designed to get you back to break even quickly. These include:

Martingale - 'Double or Nothing'

D'Alembert - 'Pyramid'

The above systems also have their reversed counterparts designed to help you exploit a wining streak (never press your luck too much on these). If used sporadically they could bring some rich rewards.

Parley - 'Double or Nothing'

Contra D'Alembert - 'Pyramid'

If you are interested in the high risk strategies then consider some of the below:

5 Numbers system - 'High Risk'

Best online Roulette

William Hill Casino Review
William Hill casino features French Roulette features the French ’La Partage’ rule which returns half of your wager on even money bets when a zero is rolled in, cutting the house advantage to 1.35%. In addition it also features the special French & racetrack bets often left out by others.

awarded Best Roulette
William Hill Online CasinoBonus: 150 + Monthly: 100

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