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Baccarat Strategy

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Baccarat Tips

Avoid tie bets, even though the 8 to 1 payout may be tempting it is a sucker bet which carries a house advantage of 14.12%.

The fewer the number of decks the game is played with the better the odds are for the player. Where possible try to find a casino which plays with a single deck.

Gambling Systems

Tied bets aside Baccarat is very much like flipping a coin, with a house advantage of under 1.5% and the following systems apply:

Martingale - 'Double or Nothing'

D'Alembert - 'Pyramid'

The above systems also have their reversed counterparts designed to help you exploit a wining streak (never press your luck too much on these). If used sporadically they could bring some rich rewards.

Parley - 'Double or Nothing'

Contra D'Alembert - 'Pyramid'

Do not forget that online casinos rarely count wagers on Baccarat towards your bonus wagering requirements.

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