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Newbies - Sensible Gambling Advice

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Gambling advice

Minimise the house advantage - Different games have different odds, you can easily pick games where the house advantage is below 5%. the general rule is that the games of pure luck tend to have higher house advantages and the games that include skill have the lower house advantages.

Risk the casino's money - If you fancy trying out a high risk strategy and you are past the point of using the practice mode. Then at least risk it on the casino's bonus money, if you do strike it big then start playing a low risk game such as blackjack until you have met the casino's gambling quotas.

Sticking to a budget - Only gamble what you can afford to lose and pace out the amount you expect to bet over the coming weeks into set limits for one session and NEVER exceed your limit (i.e. expecting to bet £300 over 2 weeks, 2 sessions a week, session limit = £75).

Keep your expectations in check - Don't forget no matter how well you play your game, the house has the advantage. Expect to lose in the long term gambling should be strictly recreation.

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