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Blackjack Odds Calculator

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Blackjack calculator

To calculate the Blackjack odds, tick all the rules that apply to the variant in question then click CALCULATE button. The odds (assuming you play by using basic strategy) will be shown for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 decks in the table at the bottom of the page:

(Assumes player can split at least once)
Double Down on 12+
Double Down on 10, 11 (true for most variants)
Double Down on 9 (true for most variants)
Double Down after Split
Double Down any number of cards
Dealer hits soft 17
No Hole card (Dealer BJ wins all)
Resplit Aces
No Ace Splits
Six cards unbusted wins (Six card Charlie)
Blackjack pays 2:1
Late Surrender
Early Surrender

1 deck
2 decks
3 decks
4 decks
6 decks
8 decks

Virtually all results will produce a negitive percentate which indicates the house has the advantage (as we would expect). When a positive number is produced the advantage is to the player. Ensure you take good advantage of any casinos offering Blackjack that produces that result.

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Best Blackjack

William Hill Casino Review
William Hill offers Blackjack Switch (0.05% house edge). Unlike most casinos, wagers on most Blackjack variants do contribute 20% towards your wagering requirements (5% in the case of Blackjack Switch).

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William Hill Online CasinoBonus: 150 + Monthly: 100

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