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Gambling Strategy - D'Alembert

Martingale | Grand Martingale


D'Alembert can be thought of as Martingale at a slower pace. It's system where you increase your stakes as you lose to make a quick recovery.

D'Alembert is a relatively 'low' risk system particularly good if you are planning to stick to a system over any length of time.

D'Alembert - Method

This system system applies to even money bets such as:

Game Bet
Baccarat Player/Dealer
Roulette Red/Black

This system flows like a pyramid, you increase your stake by one unit every time you lose and decrease your stake by one unit every time you win. This system this one only comes into effect when you have lost a round. Once you have recovered your loss go back to your original stake.

Start 1st loss 2nd loss 3rd loss 1st win 2nd win 3rd win
    -£15 £20 next stake -£10    
  -£5 £15 next stake   £15 next stake +£5  
0 £10 next stake       back to starting stake (£5) +£10
£5 starting stake           £5 next stake

- profit/losses

This system offers reasonable protection as the ups and downs and is more gradual compared with other systems.

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