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Gambling Strategy - Grand Martingale

Martingale | D'Alembert


Grand Martingale is a high risk variation of the original Martingale system where the stake is increased at a greater rate after you lose in order to make a quick recovery from loss straight to profit.

Grand Martingale - Method

When you lose double your original stake and add one unit. Progression is as follows:

Start 1 2 3 4 5 6
          +£5 -£120
        +£4 -£57 £126 next stake
      +£3 -£26 £63 next stake  
    +£2 -£11 £31 next stake    
  N/A -£4 £15 next stake      
Profit -£1 £7 next stake        
losses £3 next stake          
£1 starting stake            

The normal pitfalls of Martingale also applies to Grand Martingale in an even stronger manner. Namely the issue of running our of money. As you can see from the table if you lose 6 times in a row your accumulated loss is £120 whereas it would only be £64 using the normal Martingale method.

We don't advise this method, the moment you hit a situation where you have lost more than 3 times in a rows, the figures get too worrying.

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